Selected for their experience, forward thinking, and highest quality of care, members of The International Association of Ophthalmologists are thought leaders in their specialty, and a patient’s first choice.

We are an exclusive organization, representing the best in avenue of ophthalmology. Each year our IAO members are published in the renowned directory, The Leading Physicians of the World. It is here where our member’s professional biographies are featured, and then distributed to thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers globally. Inclusion into the International Association of Ophthalmologists is a tribute to one’s professional achievements, and an honor to be shared with colleagues and the community.

The IAO’s reputation for excellence derives from the most exacting levels of quality we demand from our members, each of which must pass a scrupulous evaluation process of their education, training, medical techniques, and consumer ratings. This set of standards is the most stringent in the industry, and is what maintains the high level of integrity of our organization, and the most accurate results in our book.

Among being a high honor in the community, the IAO is also a resource for patients and other physicians researching ophthalmologists in their area. Through multiple mediums both published and online, the IAO makes sure that our members are recognized for their accomplishments, and take pride in documenting their success.